Landau Forte Academy Greenacres, Tamworth is the second primary Academy to open within the Trust family.  The Academy, previously known as Greenacres Primary School, opened in September 2013.

We have high aspirations for our children as they progress through their primary education, by the time they move on to secondary education it is our ambition they:

  • Are developing the ability to think logically and approach situations with an open and inquiring mind.
  • Becoming confident independent learners who have developed effective habits for learning who are able to work successfully with other people.
  • Have discovered and are developing their personal strengths, aptitudes and interests.
  • Are responsible and respected young people.
  • Are well prepared, ready and excited about progressing into secondary education.

The Academy stands in attractive surroundings on the eastern periphery of Tamworth. It is on the edge of Amington village behind St Edithas ‘the village church’.  It serves an area of town bounded by the rural Warwickshire border to the east, Amington Village to the west and Woodlands Road to the south. To the north a new estate, ‘Amington Fields’ is completed. This is bordered by a main railway line and open country. The Coventry Canal runs fairly close to the school.

The Academy works collaboratively with other neighbouring Primary and secondary schools playing its role in endeavouring to secure high quality education for all children.

Although the Academy is part of the state funded system of education it is owned and operated as an independent educational organisation by the Trust, providing free full time education for children aged from 4 – 11.  Annual recurrent funding is received directly into the Trust from the national Education Funding Agency.