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Year 3 Spring Blog

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

We have completed our first term in Year 3 and have been really impressed with how hard the children have worked. They seemed to enjoy our work on the Ancient Egyptians, and have produced projects and non fiction books to be proud of!


This term we will work on the topic ‘Wonka’s Wonderful Wishes’ which will be a predominantly DT driven topic. We will design and make a healthy snack bar for Wonka to sell, and then create some packaging for it.  Alongside the DT there will be the science Keeping Healthy unit, finding out more about healthy eating, a balanced diet, how to look after our muscles and bones and create our own investigations.  We will then move on to look at the amazing world of Rainforests, finding out about the habitat and developing our geographical skills to locate them on the globe.


3H have made great progress with their swimming, whether developing strokes or gaining confidence in the water. Their swimming lessons will end at February half term, and 3HA will then start their lessons.  We will continue to learn to play the violin, building on the skills of playing an instrument, as well as develop a wealth of musical knowledge.


Please continue to help your child continue their learning at home.   Everything you do with your child is beneficial to them, but we would hope as a minimum each child is reading with an adult at least 5 times a week, tackling the reading challenge, completing their literacy and numeracy homework, practising their spellings and learning their time tables.   We have many incentives to encourage the children to read, and as a year group have agreed that as long as the children read their school book 3 times a week, the other days they read can be with a book of their choice (or something from the reading challenge!)

Mrs E Hawes/Mrs Worrall/Mr D Herrmann